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Students with Dr. Hanbury

Vision, Mission and Core Values

七星彩码谈in pursuit of defining the nova southeastern university of tomorrow, president george l. hanbury ii, ph.d. collaborated with faculty members, deans, staff, alumni, student leaders, community members, and the board of trustees to create a single-shared vision based on eight core values. the vision 2020, mission, and core values will collectively guide nsu into the future.

Vision 2020

by 2020, through excellence and innovations in teaching, research, service, and learning, nova southeastern university will be recognized by accrediting agencies, the academic community, and the general public as a premier, private, not-for-profit university of quality and distinction that engages all students and produces alumni who serve with integrity in their lives, fields of study, and resulting careers.


the mission of nova southeastern university, a private, not-for-profit institution, is to offer a diverse array of innovative academic programs that complement on-campus educational opportunities and resources with accessible distance learning programs to foster academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, leadership, research, and commitment to community through engagement of students and faculty members in a dynamic, life-long learning environment.

Core Values

academic excellence is the provision of the highest quality educational and learning experiences made possible by academically and professionally qualified and skilled instructional faculty and staff, opportunities for contextual learning, state-of-the-art facilities, beautiful surroundings, and effective resources necessary to support learning at the highest level. additionally, academic excellence reflects the successful relationship between engaged learners and outstanding instructional faculty and staff.

students are the focus of institutional priorities, resource decisions, and planning. we are stewards of student needs and advocates for student academic success and professional development.

七星彩码谈 integrity involves honesty and fairness, consistency in instruction, ethics of scholarship, freedom of inquiry, and open and truthful engagement with the community through effective communication, policies and practices.

innovation is the creative and deliberate application of teaching, research, scholarship and service for effective education, and the development of useful products or processes providing a value added to the community.

opportunity fosters the possibility for anyone associated with nsu to acquire an education or an educational experience through creative, yet sound pedagogical programs.

research and scholarship products are disseminated and evaluated through intellectual discourse, application, assessment, and other mechanisms of the relevant peer community.

七星彩码谈 diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, philosophy, gender, physical, socioeconomic status, age and sexual orientation. differences in views, interpretations and reactions derived from diversity are important. diversity enriches a learning environment focused on preparing individuals to live and work in a global society.

七星彩码谈 nsu is a community of faculty staff, students and alumni that share a common identity and purpose who engages with the university’s external community through diverse services, clinical programs, and community-based research and resources. our community extends into professional, intellectual, as well as geographical domains that both support and are the focus of our educational mission.

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