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Graduate & Professional Programs

With COVID-19 creating so much uncertainty across the world, these truly unprecedented times are causing people to reevaluate their everyday actions and make wise choices. Knowing that the health and safety of our students is always the top priority, we are currently conducting our programs and coursework 100% online. This means our students can continue to move forward in their education (and lives) and achieve their goals.

七星彩码谈nsu's graduate degree programs help you hone your academic or career expertise so you can take the next step into leadership, make a bigger impact, and raise the bar. you'll have opportunities to participate in internships, clinical experiences, meaningful research, and hands-on coursework. you'll learn from and work alongside expert faculty who challenge you to explore new ideas and strategies that prepare you to excel in your career and make you highly sought after by industry leaders.

at nsu, you can have it all. our graduate and professional programs are designed to help you advance your career without sacrificing your family or career. many of our programs offer evening, weekend, or online courses. are you ready to get an edge over the competition?

Graduate Program Highlights

  • NSU is home to the largest MBA and accounting programs in Florida. 
  • NSU has two of the most selective dental and osteopathic medicine schools in the United States.
  • NSU’s Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology was ranked ninth in the nation in an independent research study.
  • NSU’s Oceanographic Center is home to the only research facility in the nation dedicated to coral reef ecosystem research.
  • NSU boasts the only College of Optometry in the state of Florida.
  • Passing rates on the pharmacy licensing exams for NSU’s College of Pharmacy graduates exceed the national pass rates at near or above 90%.
  • NSU’s Family Therapy graduates have a 95% job placement rate.
  • Currently, approximately 300 superintendents and 33 college presidents across the nation hold doctorate degrees from NSU’s Fischler School of Education and School of Criminal Justice.
  • NSU offers one of the few doctoral programs in Conflict Analysis and Resolution in North America.
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